Highest style or low comedy? Local fashion elite rate celebs


So, you have looks, money and fame. Liz Smith calls your people. Armani invites you to his shows. You do lunch -- at least when you're not otherwise engaged with your personal trainer or plastic surgeon.

Guess what? That doesn't guarantee you good taste. And People magazine knows it. For the fourth year, the gossip-filled glossy is chronicling the good, the bad and the ugly styles of the celebrity set in its issue due out today.

But we don't need People magazine to tell us who's a winner or a wannabe. We turned instead to our own fashion elite and asked them to rate the dressing habits of the stars.

Arnold Borenstein

1% Men's fashion director at Hecht's


1. Sean Connery. He's got that great 'old world' look down. Besides, I think only Irishman can wear heavy tweeds and not sweat.

2. Alec Baldwin. It helps that he's tall, dark and handsome. Anyone who can court Kim Basinger has to look good in and out of clothes.

3. Mickey Rourke. He dresses sort of strange, but whatever he wears looks like him. He also has a roughness that's charming.


1. Howard Stern. He has absolutely no idea of the charm of clothing. He doesn't understand the history of glen plaids or the nuance of a pleat. He's all edgy, even in his clothes.

2. Sandra Bernhardt. Ugh . . . she makes everything she wears look like a costume.

3. Madonna. She's strictly out for laughs. I get the feeling that everything in her life -- and her closet -- is there to further her career.

Laure Drogoul

Artist, director, hostess

& of the 14Karat Cabaret


1. Lypsinka/John Epperson. Switching gender and spanning three decades of female fashion in 45 minutes is truly best dressing for the future.

2. Angela Davis. She looked great in a 'fro in the '70s, and she looks great in dreds in the '90s. That, along with insight and intelligence, is a real fashion bonus.

3. Yasser Arafat. Headdresses for heads of state are always



1. Ted Danson. The most current fashion don't: a white man in a black face at a comedy club. Maybe acceptable in the year 7000 or after we've been invaded by little green people.

2. Hillary Clinton. She looked better in the '60s and '70s in revolutionary granny attire.

PD 3. Most Washington bureaucrats. Safe dressing is forever boring.

Carlous Palmer

* Baltimore fashion designer


1. RuPaul. Here's a man who's created a completely convincing look as a woman. He's pretty, too.

2. Diahann Carroll. She's a natural-born dresser. Her hair, her clothes, her makeup always look right, although I've never seen her first thing in the morning.

3. Madonna. She's hot. She can wear Jean-Paul Gaultier or Chanel and still look fabulous. Every year she changes her look -- even if it means going bare-breasted.


1. Whoopi Goldberg. She's the worst-dressed person in the world every year. She's sloppy. She can have Ted Danson as her boyfriend and Gianni Versace as her personal dresser, and she'd still look awful.

2. Bruce Willis. He's gross. I don't even want to talk about him. He's very flat, very boring.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She depresses me. I've never seen her look good. She needs to have her hair texturized, more color in her wardrobe and serious makeup. She could be a hot woman, but right now she's tacky.

Lola Abt

General manager

' of Saks in Owings Mills


1. Barbra Streisand. Her look is so sophisticated, understated and classy.

2. Kathleen Turner. She always looks terrific. She carries herself very well, and her style is very flattering.

3. Bill Clinton. Of all the presidents, he's one of the better dressers. There's a bit of a European feel to what he wears.


1. Madonna. I don't have a problem with vampy; I just don't like the way she puts it together.

2. Demi Moore. She just lacks style.

3' 3. Michael Jackson. He's too weird.

Madenney Carlisle

-! Artist and wannabe movie star


4 1. Barney. No clothes needed when you're purple.

2. Cruella De Ville. Fur is luxury.

0 3. Pippi Longstocking. Wacked-out hobo chic.


1. Giorgio Armani. Sells skillion-dollar suits but shops at the Gap.

2. Shannen Doherty. Rich, trendy, clueless and hated.

3. J. Edgar Hoover. Gives drag a bad name.

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