State accepts bid on Sykesville land Former Beef Farm leased at $23,000

The state has tentatively accepted a $23,000-per-year lease for five years for 275 acres of farmland in Sykesville.

Louis M. Fischer of Pooldale Farm on Cherry Tree Lane in Eldersburg successfully bid on the property, known as the former Sykesville Beef Farm.


The land, now part of the Springfield Hospital Center facility on Slacks Road, has been farmed by the Fischer family for 40 years, he said.

The farm is now owned by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections, said David Humphrey, director of public information for the Maryland Department of General Services.


Sykesville Beef Farm had been the state's primary beef research facility until the 1980s.

Mr. Humphrey said officials expect the lease to be approved by Maryland's Board of Public Works in late November or early December.

Three offers to farm the property were accepted during the open, competitive bidding process that closed Sept. 30. Marvin Clarke of Sykesville bid $41 per acre each year and George Mielke of Upperco bid $71.25 per acre per year, Mr. Humphrey said.

Mr. Fischer, who had leased the property from the state for the past two years at $67 per acre each year, said he raises corn, soybeans and beef cattle on the property.

If approved, the new lease for $83.63 per acre a year would expire Dec. 1, 1998.

The state, which often leases land it is not using, currently has about 750 acres being rented under similar arrangements, Mr. Humphrey said.