From The Sun Oct. 17-23, 1843Oct. 17:...

From The Sun Oct. 17-23, 1843

Oct. 17: Young drunkards -- Two small boys, not over twelve or fourteen years of age, was seen staggering along in the neighborhood of Exeter and Pitt streets on Sunday afternoon, followed by a crowd of boys about their own age. Who sold them the liquor could not be ascertained but such an act should not go unpunished.


Oct. 20: His honor the mayor yesterday gave orders to the police to use all their utmost exertions to put a stop to the numerous bonfires that are to be seen in all sections of the city nightly.

From The Sun Oct. 17-23, 1893


Oct. 17: George Rauh was held at the eastern district police station upon charges of causing the death of Harry Walters by striking him on the neck with a broom-handle yesterday.

Oct. 18: President Morris announced at the meeting of the public school board last night that pupils would no longer be without books, as arrangements had been made by which the schools would be furnished with the needed supply.

From The Sun Oct. 17-23, 1943

Oct. 10: Forty-seven men in the armed forces from the 2500 and 2600 blocks of Robb Street were honored last night when their relatives and neighbors turned out for the dedication of a service flag at Robb and Friendship streets.

Oct. 19: "Blithe Spirit," which opened a week's engagement at Ford's Theater last night, is the finest ghost story ever told on the stage and a good deal more. It is Noel Coward at his antic best.