Buyer might drop $500 for drop-leaf table

Q: My drop-leaf, pedestal table is made of mahogany and is in excellent condition. Please advise me of its age and value from the enclosed picture.

A: Your drop-leaf table is Empire. It was made around the mid-19th century. The turtle base, lyre pedestal and mahogany wood are all characteristics of Empire furniture.


The value of this table could be in the $500 to $600 range.

Q: I have a pitcher that is 6 inches tall, about 6 1/2 inches wide and has two gold bands at the top. It is marked on the bottom "Haynes -- Balt. -- Toulon. What can you tell me about it?"


A: David Haynes bought Chesapeake Pottery in Baltimore, about 1880, and established D. F. Haynes & Co. Pottery. The company existed until 1914.

The mark you describe was used around 1900 on semi-porcelain and majolica. Balt. is an abbreviation of Baltimore and Toulon is the name of the pattern. The value of your pitcher would be around $65 to $75.

Q: Could you possibly tell me how much a 1970 sterling-silver Gorham Christmas snowflake ornament is worth?

Also, how much is the entire set from 1970 to 1992 worth?

A: Your sterling-silver Christmas snowflake ornament was introduced in 1970 and could be valued at $65 to $75. Each additional one would be worth about $25 to $50.

Q: I have a teapot in the shape of an elephant that my mother and father received as a wedding present in 1923.

It is painted porcelain and trimmed in gold. On the bottom are the words "Made in Japan." I would be interested in any information you may have and if it has any value.

A: Elephant-shaped figures and their related items are popular with collectors. Because of the vast quantity of these collectibles, quality is very important. Your teapot was made in -- the early 1900s.


It could sell for about $65 to $75 in good condition.

Q: My sister has one of the very first Barbie Dream Houses ever made. It is made out of heavy cardboard and folds up into a suitcase. All the furniture pieces are also made of the same cardboard, and are put together with slots and tabs. Is this worth anything?

A: A Barbie Dream House, made in the early 1960s, would probably be worth $75 to $85 in good condition.