Not a reliable symbolThe Baltimore Bombers may...

Not a reliable symbol

The Baltimore Bombers may be a big hit from a marketing point of view, but to use the Martin B-26 for the team's crest seems inappropriate to me. When you assign a symbol for a crest, you want that symbol to represent trustworthiness and glory, and the Martin B-26 falls short on both counts.


The wing of the original B-26 did not provide adequate area for lift, and this caused numerous crashes. These crashes resulted in many sick jokes. For example, a squadron of B-26 airplanes was stationed at MacDill Field in Florida, adjacent to Tampa Bay. A popular rhyme of the day repeated over and over, was "a B-26 a day in Tampa Bay."

Toward the end of World War II, the B-26 was redesigned, and additional wing area provided it with more stability, but it never was accorded the acclamation reserved for the B-25s that Jimmy Doolittle flew over Tokyo or the B-17s and B-24s that rained devastation on Germany's armament factories, or the B-29s that bombed Japan.


Ellis M. Woodward


Advice for the Orioles

Orioles fans booed Cito Gaston's Blue Jays All-Stars in July, but look who won the AL East again. What's an ailing Bird backer to do?

Question authority!

A team contending in September should go with its hot hands, and if certain players aren't performing as well as they should, then they should be rested. Yet, Johnny Oates continued to play his slumping No. 2 and No. 3 hitters (Mark McLemore and Mike Devereaux) -- important positions in the batting order -- while the capable bats of Jack Voigt and Sherman Obando were neglected. (McLemore sat in August and upon returning, enjoyed a four-hit game).

Hot-hitting Mike Pagliarulo (who replaced an equally productive Tim Hulett at third base) should have taken over first base for a slumping David Segui, allowing Hulett to return to third. But Oates let Hulett's .300 average waste away on the bench.

The Orioles show promise. A healthy return of Jeffery Hammonds and Mike Mussina, a hopefully improved Arthur Rhodes, the steady production from Hoiles, Cal Ripken, Brady ++ Anderson and others along might make a difference in '94.


Thomas Mason


Bring back Eddie Murray

I just want to say that the Orioles should bring back Eddie Murray.

The Orioles need a power-hitting first baseman who has proven talent. Eddie does. Forget Murray's age. He still has some years of production left.

I think the fans would like to see it happen, judging by the warm reception Murray got at last year's exhibition game at Camden Yards. The time is right for Murray's return.


Billy Campbell



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