Name: Sandy Maselli, 59, of Allview Estates...


Name: Sandy Maselli, 59, of Allview Estates in Columbia.

Hobbies and other activities: Ms. Maselli volunteers at the Howard County Police Department as a victims advocate. She has been with the department for 1 1/2 years. The unit she works in helps Howard County seniors who are crime victims and all victims of violent crimes. She also is a registered nurse who works with geriatric patients at Bon Secours Extended Care Facility in Ellicott City. During the winter she bowls with the Turf Valley Country Club Ladies Bowling League. In summer, she gardens, sails and reads.

Organization's comments: "Sandy is a tremendous asset to the Victim Assistance Unit. She makes contact with elderly crime victims and victims of violent crimes to offer assistance, referrals, information and more," said her supervisor, Lt. Wayne Livesay. "These contacts are very comforting to the victims of crime. Her volunteer hours are countless, she always puts in the extra time to make sure that personal contact is made. During the past three months, we have been attempting to replace the coordinator who resigned and during the time, Sandy has fulfilled the responsibilities of the position without compensation. Her talents, dedication and energy have been a tremendous benefit to the Howard County Police Department and the citizens of Howard County," he said.

Volunteer's comments: "I have always had an interest in law enforcement," Ms. Maselli said. "When I was in my 20s, I thought I would like to be a police officer. But in those days you would have been laughed up one side and down the other." "Not only is the job extremely interesting, but it is also very fulfilling being able to assist victims in so many ways."

About Ms. Maselli: She is from Lansdowne, Pa., but has lived in Columbia for 29 years. She said she is married to Jim Maselli, a vice president for W.R. Grace, Davison Division. She has a grown son, Mike, and daughter, Dale.

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