Rape suspect held on robbery charges Maryland man arrested in N.C.

A Long Reach man wanted in connection with the abduction and rape of a 25-year-old Columbia woman is being held by police in North Carolina as a suspect in five bank robberies there.

Michael Tobias Canty, 27, formerly of the 8700 block of Airy Brink Lane, was arrested Friday and faces several state and federal charges, including a parole violation from the U.S. Marshal's Office.


A Howard County warrant charges Mr. Canty with kidnapping, first-degree rape, robbery and assault.

Police spokesman Sgt. Gary Gardner said Mr. Canty's extradition to Maryland might have to wait until the other charges are resolved.


"We won't be seeing him for a long time," Sergeant Gardner said.

Mr. Canty is accused of following the victim from a pay phone at the Long Reach Village Center at about 2:30 a.m. Sept. 4 and asking for a ride. When the woman refused, police said, Mr. Canty allegedly put her head in an arm lock and punched her in the face as she screamed.

The woman was then thrown into the trunk of her Toyota Camry and driven to an isolated area at Dobbin Road and Old Montgomery Road, where she was raped, police said. Then the man drove the victim's car to the 8700 block of Tamar Drive, where it was abandoned, police said. Investigators found blood on the trunk door and ignition switch of the vehicle.

Mr. Canty, who had performed rap music at a club attended by the victim earlier that night, was later suggested by the woman as the man who might have attacked her.

Police interviewed Mr. Canty and saw a bandage on his hand -- covering a wound they say he probably got when slamming the trunk shut over the woman.

When the victim could not positively identify Mr. Canty from a police photo a few days after the rape, police applied for a warrant and took samples of the suspect's blood.

Police said the blood matched the blood found in the victim's car. But by that time, police said, Mr. Canty had gone to Greensboro, where his family lives.

He became a suspect in several robberies in North Carolina shortly after his move, police said.