Serbs unleashed the heaviest artillery attack in weeks on SARAJEVO, and U.N. military officials detected unusual Serb tank and troop maneuvers on high ground around the capital.

Relief officials --ed hopes that aid convoys could reach some 150,000 Muslims trapped in two northern cities. They said the relief trucks would set out for MAGLAJ and TESANJ by mid-week instead.

A private convoy of 86 vehicles was attempting a dangerous crossing of central Bosnia to the Muslim enclave of TUZLA. The convoy, said to be 80 percent Muslim and 20 percent Croat, reportedly had a safe-passage guarantee from Croatian authorities.

The Bosnian government army said it retook the town of CAZIN in the breakaway Muslim enclave of Bihac after rebel Muslims captured it without a fight on Friday. The Bosnian government radio report could not be confirmed independently.

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