Around the house* Spray lemon-scented furniture polish...


Around the house

* Spray lemon-scented furniture polish on the inside of your kitchen trash container. When garbage bag is full, it will slide out more easily.

* Before hanging a picture on the wall, mark the spot with a moistened finger or sponge and hammer nail in place before the area dries.

* When storing summer clothes, use beach bags to organize items like bathing suits, sandals and shorts. Bags can be hung in the back of your closet.

* Use a cake-cooling rack to store clip earrings; attach jewelry to rungs of rack and hang on a nail or peg board for easy access.

* When painting a room, paint a 3-by-5 index card to use as a reference. Keep in a small notebook, along with fabric swatches, rug samples, window dimensions and room sizes. The notebook will be a handy reference when choosing accessories or furniture.

* If you don't have a vegetable steamer, a metal colander placed in a large kettle, and topped with the lid, works just as well.

In the garden

* Empty the gas tank of your lawn mower after cutting the grass for the last time. Or, use remaining gas to mow a common area, or your neighbor's lawn.

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