Path is cleared to develop part of valley farm

The Baltimore County Board of Appeals has cleared away the last zoning barrier at the county level to the development of 45 acres of Brookview Farms on the southeastern edge of Cromwell Valley.

The Campaign to Save Cromwell Valley, which has been fighting development in the valley, had asked for a special hearing on the property owner's request to change the tract boundaries.


Though the County Review Group already had approved the request, the Campaign to Save Cromwell Valley sought to have the ruling overturned.

The Board of Appeals denied the association's petition. The association's recourse would be through the judicial system.


Stanley Pollock, a member of the Campaign to Save Cromwell Valley board, said that interested parties will meet to consider their next step.

C. Franklin Eck, Jr., owner of Brookview Farms, a part of Good Fellowship Farm, was out of town. His attorney, David Meadows, said the ruling means that Mr. Eck can "move ahead."

The petition involved 45 undeveloped acres on the farm, for which 32 houses are planned. Zoning permitted one house per acre, but Mr. Eck received approval to create some half-acre lots.

A stream and a hillside made the change necessary, Mr. Eck said in his request. The number of houses on the property would remain the same.

Wayne Harman, director of the County Recreation and Parks Department, has discussed acquisition of the property with Mr. Eck, but he could not be reached for comment.