President to retire at Arundel college


*TC The man credited with putting the "community" into Anne Arundel Community College has announced that he will retire from the school's presidency at the close of the academic year.

"No more beepers, no more neckties," said Thomas E. Florestano, 61, who plans to retire June 30, three weeks shy of serving 15 years at the helm of the state's fourth-largest community college.

For five years, he had been telling the board of trustees that he wanted to retire, repeating it even as he signed a two-year contract. This week, he and the board agreed on a date that will give the college ample time to find a successor. He may even put it in writing, but certainly not before he gets in another afternoon of golf.

"I told them, 'You should be glad you're getting rid of this crazy Italian,' " Dr. Florestano said.

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