HERE is everything you always wanted to...

HERE is everything you always wanted to know about Maryland but were afraid to ask (culled from "The World Almanac of the U.S.A."):

* "Maryland was given to the lords Baltimore for the annual rent of two Indian arrows a year plus complete loyalty to the king."


* Maryland has the most navigable rivers of any state.

* "One of the foremost sources of marine fossils.


* "First military highway in the United States.

* "First railway locomotive in the United States.

* "World's first telegraph line . . .

* "First U.S. manufacture of umbrellas."

Also, "near the town of Hancock, Maryland is only about 1 mile wide, the narrowest part of any state."

Then there's the tale of Jan Frazier of the Cumberland area, who "was expecting a child when she was captured by the Indians. The Indians raided another settlement to get clothes for the infant, who died, and the mother escaped, walking for 300 miles and living on herbs and bark until she reached a house of friends, only to find her husband has remarried."

There are two endangered mammals in Maryland, the Indiana bat and the Delmarva peninsula fox squirrel and an endangered bird (the American peregrine falcon). There are no endangered amphibians.

"One of the king's colonial grants was known as the 'Thumb Grant,' because the grantee was given as much land as his thumb could cover on a map."


And finally, this happy note: The highest temperature recorded in Maryland was 109 degrees in July of 1936 in both Cumberland and Frederick (guess the thermometers on the sidewalks of Baltimore melted that day) and the lowest recorded temperature was minus 40 degrees at (where else?) Oakland during January of 1912.