Woman 'scared' of officer, court told at his murder trial Sergeant is accused of shooting ex-date


Gina Marie Nueslein turned pale last Jan. 8 when she learned that the Baltimore City police sergeant she'd sued for child support was lurking in an alley outside, her relatives testified at the sergeant's murder trial yesterday.

"Gina was very frantic, worried, scared," said her mother, Geraldine Nueslein of the 3300 block of Ramona Ave. "I've never seen my daughter act like that in my whole life."

Gina's younger sister, Jennifer Nueslein, said that Gina was "white as as ghost" when they told her that Sgt. James A. Kulbicki was outside that evening.

Sergeant Kulbicki, 37, of the 3400 block of Toone St., is on trial in Baltimore County Circuit Court on charges of first-degree murder and use of a handgun in Ms. Nueslein's death.

Prosecutors allege that on the day after the sergeant was seen outside the Nueslein home, he shot his former girlfriend in the head and dumped her body in Gunpowder State Park. He has been suspended without pay since the charges were filed.

Defense attorney Henry L. Belsky told the jury in his opening statement Tuesday that his client was guilty of adultery, but not murder, and that he would provide an alibi.

Andrew P. Staib, another city policeman who dated Ms. Nueslein, told the jury that when he picked her up from work Jan. 8, she saw Sergeant Kulbicki's pickup truck go past. She was "apprehensive," Officer Staib testified.

The next day, Jan. 9, the Nuesleins reported their daughter missing when she didn't show up for work.

A man found Ms. Nueslein's body the next morning in Gunpowder State Park, near an archery club building.

Barbara Clay of Chase, a supervisor at Martin Marietta Corp., testified that she saw the defendant driving his pickup to the archery building parking lot at sunset Jan. 9.

Prosecutor Sue Schenning said the sergeant was facing an order for child support payments to Ms. Nueslein that were due at a hearing Jan. 13. Two blood tests had established that he was the father of Ms. Nueslein's son, Michael, now 2 years old.

Sandra Crain, a Baltimore City assistant state's attorney, testified that she filed a paternity petition against Sergeant Kulbicki in May 1992. Ms. Crain said the sergeant was to bring a lump-sum payment for back support of more than $3,000 to a Jan. 13 hearing.

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