United Nations officials warned that Croats and Serbs may be mobilizing for a new war in Croatia. "There are ominous signs of war," Cedric Thornberry told a news conference in BELGRADE. "There are clear signs of troop movements on both sides. There are indications of mobilization."

A potentially significant Croat-Muslim prisoner exchange was postponed from Friday until next week after one of the sides changed the site of its release.

Bosnia's U.N. ambassador said in WASHINGTON that his country would rather go on defending itself than sign a flawed peace that would never be enforced. "The Bosnians have to reconsider whether or not they can rely on any segment of the international community" to make an accord stick, Muhammed Sacirbey said.

A 14-truck aid convoy was headed back to Croatia after being stopped by a land mine Tuesday, just short of its destination of TESANJ. Another convoy for MAGLAJ has been stuck since Sunday, despite earlier promises of safe passage.

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