Lamont looks left to put punch in lineup ALCS notebook

CHICAGO — CHICAGO -- As expected, Chicago manager Gene Lamont made two changes in an attempt to get more offense in the White Sox lineup for Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

Mike LaValliere replaced Ron Karkovice as the White Socatcher and Warren Newson was tabbed as the designated hitter, replacing Bo Jackson. The moves gave the White Sox two more left-handed hitters to face Dave Stewart, leaving Frank Thomas and Ellis Burks as the only right-handers.


Lamont said he knew after Game 5 that he would go with LaValliere behind the plate, but he wrestled with the decision on his DH. "It [using Newson] is a hunch as much as anything," said Lamont. "I just feel he'll put the ball in play, take a walk and won't strike out three times."

Jackson struck out three times in Game 3 and twice in Game and hit the ball out of the infield only once in three games. He had said the White Sox "played a man short" in the first two games, when Dan Pasqua played first base while Thomas


served as the DH while nursing an injury to his left forearm.

George Bell, who said he "had no respect for Lamont as a maor manager" before Game 3, was another possibility to DH for the White Sox. "But I didn't like the way George ended the season [0-for-23]," said Lamont. "You don't know how long those things are going to last."

Lamont debated using Newson as the DH because he has beethe White Sox's best pinch hitter. But he rationalized that with three or four at-bats Newson might help put the White Sox in a position where they wouldn't need a pinch hitter.

"I look at stats, but I don't want to hide behind them," saiLamont. "I think you can do that sometimes. I just feel real comfortable with Warren. I think he's going to give us good at-bats."

Going into Game 6 last night, the White Sox were hitless in twspots in their starting lineup. Pasqua and Jackson were a combined 0-for-16 in the sixth position (Craig Grebeck had a pinch-hit single batting for Pasqua in Game 2). Karkovice, who

hit 20 home runs during the regular season, was 0-for-14 and matched Jackson with six strikeouts.