Women read, but aren't guided by, horoscopes


Many women say they enjoy reading their horoscopes, a new poll shows, but they also say astrology doesn't affect their day.

The poll, conducted by Redbook magazine with EDK Associates, a New York-based research firm, found that 58 percent of the 500 women participating in a national random survey agreed with the statement: "I like reading my horoscope, but it doesn't have an impact on my day."

Four percent of the women said their horoscope does influence how they plan their day; 1 percent said they don't like to read their horoscope because they were "afraid it will influence how I handle things in my life," while 37 percent said they think "the whole idea of horoscopes is silly."

Asked how often they read their horoscopes, 21 percent of the respondents said they do so daily, 14 percent said a "couple times a week" and 23 percent replied, "Never."

Asked about other oracles, 22 percent said they have had their palms read and 12 percent have gone to a Tarot card reader.

The poll showed a strong belief among the women that spiritual forces work: A whopping 83 percent said they believe in miracles.

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