Snowden gets aid from Baltimore mayor Schmoke helps alderman raise funds

Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke helped Annapolis Alderman Carl Snowden raise $5,000 last night for his re-election campaign.

Mr. Snowden, D-Ward 5, is running for his third term against Republican G. William Hill in the Nov. 2 city election.


Mr. Schmoke was one of about 50 people who attended a $100-a-plate fund-raiser for the incumbent. The other guests included two Annapolis mayoral candidates, incumbent Democrat Al Hopkins and former mayor Dennis Callahan, an independent.

"I think of him [Mr. Snowden] not as just an alderman but as a state resource," said Mr. Schmoke, noting that Mr. Snowden has been involved in issues from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. "I know a good many people in Baltimore City who believe he represents them up there."


Although Mr. Snowden is heavily favored to win re-election, he is running a high-profile campaign.

"We're not just running for the 5th Ward; we're trying to get people out to vote citywide," said the candidate, adding that he intends to assist candidates in five of the city's eight wards and the mayoral race. "Many people have said that the mayoral race has been pretty dull to date, but we intend to change that," he said.

Mr. Snowden said he will endorse a mayoral candidate in the next two weeks. In the past, he has had strong ties to Mr. Callahan and been critical of Mr. Hopkins.

Mr. Snowden also said last night that he will work to help two Democratic incumbents, Samuel Gilmer in Ward 3 and Ellen Moyer in Ward 8, and Ward 2 incumbent Dean L. Johnson, an independent. He also supports Democratic challengers Craig Purcell in Ward 1 and Kenneth Kirby in Ward 6.