More legal woes for Rick JamesIt just...


More legal woes for Rick James

It just keeps getting worse for embattled funk star Rick James. His pre-prison wedding plans fell flat and two more women have come forward to accuse him of kinky sexual violence.

Prosecutors say this time a woman has a videotape showing the singer of the 1981 hit "Super Freak" beating her bloody with a belt during group sex.

The Grammy-winner will be sentenced Nov. 5 for assaulting a woman who was tortured for hours with a hot cocaine pipe while being held captive in 1992.

His girlfriend-accomplice was sentenced to four years in prison for assault. James, 45, faces a maximum of eight years and eight months in prison.

In the new allegations, court papers said the videotape is three years old, putting any alleged crimes on it beyond the statute of limitations. But prosecutors plan to play the tape at sentencing to show James has a "propensity for violence and sadomasochism."

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