Ted Kennedy Jr. weds psychiatry professorEdward M....

Ted Kennedy Jr. weds psychiatry professor

Edward M. Kennedy Jr., son of U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., was married yesterday to Katherine Anne Gershman, an assistant professor in psychiatry at Yale University.


The wedding in St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church on Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island, was attended by some 300 guests. The groom's cousin, John F. Kennedy Jr., and his fiancee, actress Daryl Hannah, were chased across the front lawn and into the church by dozens of reporters.

Senator Kennedy, his former wife, Joan, the groom's mother, and his current wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, headed the large group of family members who attended the ceremony.


The groom, 32, a law student at the University of Connecticut, met the bride, who is nicknamed "Kiki," four years ago at Yale University. He proposed last October and the couple were engaged in February.

Whoopi Goldberg defended boyfriend Ted Danson's blackface appearance at a Friar's Club roast, saying yesterday that critic Montel Williams was a wimp and possibly a publicity hound.

Ms. Goldberg said at a news conference that she was surprised and shocked by the controversy over Friday's closed-door tribute to her in New York City.

"We knocked Somalia off the cover of the New York newspapers," the actress said. "This is insane to me."

She said anyone familiar with the Friar's Club 89-year history of ribald roasts should have expected jokes about sex, gender, bodily functions, religion and race.

Mr. Danson wore blackface makeup and huge white lips. The "Cheers" television star used the word "nigger" several times and joked about his sex life with Ms. Goldberg.

Billy Graham regrets AIDS remark

The Rev. Billy Graham says he is sorry he called AIDS God's judgment against sinners during a sermon in Columbus, Ohio, two weeks ago.


"I remember saying it, and I immediately regretted it and almost went back and clarified the statement," Mr. Graham told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"I don't believe that, and I don't know why I said it," he told the newspaper in a story published Saturday.

Burl Ives released from Wash. hospital


Burl Ives was released from a Anacortes, Wash., hospital after

treatment for a high fever that resulted from a foot infection.


Nurses at Island Hospital said the 84-year-old singer-actor was released Friday evening.

Mr. Ives was taken to the hospital last Monday after a broken capillary and poor circulation resulted in "massive infection" in his foot, said his wife, Dorothy Ives.

Pozner will decline Yeltsin's offer

Journalist and author Vladimir Pozner has one word for Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin if he's asked to be the chairman of Russian television: "Nyet."

Mr. Pozner, who shares a television show with Phil Donahue, is one of Russia's most popular TV personalities. The program is broadcast in both countries.

He received a phone call from Mr. Yeltsin's office yesterday asking him to come to Moscow. Mr. Pozner said he was told there would be a reorganization of television in Russia, and that he may be asked to oversee it.


"There was a time when I dreamed of someday reorganizing television, but . . . I realized later that I'm really not gifted for administrative work," he said.


Journalist Joseph Alsop is 83. Musician Daryl Hall is 45. Choreographer Jerome Robbins is 75. Actor Roy Scheider is 58.