Union Bridge raffles rifles to raise money Chances for guns are selling well


What's going faster than a speeding bullet in Union Bridge?

Raffle tickets that give residents the chance to win one of 20 rifles, said Town Clerk-Treasurer Kathleen D. Kreimer.

The raffle, which began last week, is a fund-raiser for the new town office building.

"I think it is so popular because we have so many hunters out here," said Ms. Kreimer. "We've sold chances already that have cleared over $1,200."

The Town Hall Funding Committee bought 20 rifles -- including Winchesters, Remingtons, Stogers, Brownings and Rugers -- from the Gun Cellar on Main Street for about $6,500, Ms. Kreimer said.

So far, ticket sales have covered that expense and are continuing to bring in a profit as chances are sold at the gun shop, and by town officials and committee members at town functions.

A different kind of rifle is being given away each weekday until Oct. 26.

"The first two guns were won, but nobody won the gun [Wednesday]," said Sharon Cassell, a Gun Cellar employee.

The winning numbers are based on the three-digit Maryland State Lottery number for that date. Each chance a person buys is valid for every day of the contest, Ms. Kreimer said.

"If there are guns left over at the end of the contest, tickets stubs will be randomly drawn until all the rifles have been raffled off," Ms. Kreimer said.

The ticket price decreases as the chances to win decrease, Ms. Cassell said. When the contest began, tickets were $20. On the last day, tickets will cost $1.

"They are selling pretty well," Ms. Cassell said. "Personally, here [at the gun store], we have sold about 82 tickets. We've been selling for a couple months."

Ms. Kreimer said no one has complained about the town raffling the guns, but some women feel left out.

"The only thing we have gotten [in the way of complaints] is when ladies might be buying tickets for their husbands and they say 'Gee, I wish you had something for us,' " Ms. Kreimer said. "Maybe we could have something like a rifle and quilt raffle."

Tickets can be purchased from the Gun Cellar, 1-800-585-2238. For more information , call the Union Bridge Town Office at (410) 775-2711.

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