Safety Day offers parents chance to register child


The Bel Air Police Department will hold Child's Safety Day on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the park behind police headquarters at 39 Hickory Ave.

Sponsored primarily by the Bel Air Lions Club, Safety Day includes entertainment activities as well as providing parents with the opportunity to participate in a child registry program.

Registered children receive prizes and treats and, for $1, parents receive a booklet on what to do if a child is missing. The booklet contains space for the child's fingerprints and a photograph.

Department personnel will take the photographs and do the fingerprinting. A dentist also will be on hand to make dental charts of the children.

Bel Air Police Chief Leo F. Matrangola wants parents to take extra precautions during the Halloween season.

He said that Bel Air will observe Halloween from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Oct. 30 and recommended that trick-or-treaters remain in residential areas where traffic is slower and less congested.

Children can enjoy a safe and happy time, he suggested, if the following tips are followed:

* Parents should accompany all small children.

* Costumes should be short enough so that children can avoid tripping and should have reflective material so that drivers can more easily see them.

* Children should stay within their neighborhoods and visit homes of people that they know.

* Parents should make sure that children can see well through masks and might consider painting their faces rather than giving them masks.

* Children should carry a flashlight if they are trick-or-treating after dark.

* Children should be told to look both ways before crossing streets, cross only at corners and never cross from between parked cars.

Chief Matrangola stressed this final point: Children should wait until they get home to eat treats. All treats should be inspected carefully to ensure someone has not tampered with them, he said. Unwrapped candy should be thrown away, and all fruit should be washed.

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