Schmoke's Not Running? What A Relief!So Kurt...


Schmoke's Not Running? What A Relief!

So Kurt Schmoke has decided not to run for governor.

What a relief!

My wife and I were fearful that, having fled the city for the suburbs as it crumbled during his tenure, that we might be forced to move again -- to Pennsylvania.

John Woodfield

Forest Hill

Raymond Burr

In your minuscule Sept. 14 obituary on Raymond Burr, you referred to him as "the portly actor." Why did the mean-spirited Sun find it necessary to take such a cheap shot as this to degrade an actor who has brought enjoyment to millions over the years?

. . . If your writers cannot provide an appropriate obituary to a popular actor, then I suggest that they be replaced with someone who can -- or that you delete the obituaries column from your paper.

Eugene Heiss

Bel Air

Tort Reform?

Isn't it curious how after months of study the "Hillary Health Reform Plan" has completely ignored tort reform.

This plan, engineered by two lawyers (one elected and one unelected) does nothing to cap awards resulting from the multitudes of lawsuits filed against those in the medical field. Doctors now are forced to practice "defensive medicine," ordering scads of tests, MRI's, etc. to decrease the chances of being sued. Malpractice insurance costs are driving many physicians to abandon certain practices that are lawsuit-prone. The Clintons have obviously chosen to put the well-being of their fellow lawyers and the lawsuit industry above the obvious savings to the American people they claim will benefit from this plan.

David L. G. Stancill

Bel Air

No to Abortion

Bill and Hillary Clinton have unveiled their "health care reform" plan to the nation. In an attempt to legitimatize abortion, they are planning to include it as a "reproductive medical care." Abortion is hardly "reproductive."

I do not want my tax dollars used to kill unborn children. It may be a constitutional right to have an abortion, but does that mean the government has to pay for it? . . . When the nation observed its 20-year shame of legalized abortion, Mr. Clinton was busy signing executive orders reversing federal rule that discouraged abortions in federally financed family planning clinics and banned them in military hospitals. Prior to signing these orders, he made a statement that unrestricting abortion "was the best thing we could do for the environment." It's a sad day in America when the president thinks children are an environmental problem.

Please don't stay silent on this extremely important issue. . . . We need to make the Congress very aware that abortion is not to be a part of a national health care plan.

Renee Gray

Bel Air

Women's World

Congresswoman Pat Schroeder . . . contends that women should have special privileges in the world of commerce because they are unable to compete in a free society.

I resent Mrs. Schroeder's inclusive use of the word "women." The ladies of my family are not inept. My mother (born 1892) was a physician, as was her sister. I had an aunt who was an architect. I had two aunts who, together, were the first women admitted to practice before the New York State Bar. My grandmother was a college graduate, as was her mother. Great-grandmother (b. 1822) taught at Jubilee College. My ancestress, Elizabeth (Gookin) Greenleaf (b. 1681), was a pharmacist. . . . My ancestress, Sara (Folger) Smith (b. 1625), was a very active and successful business woman. Among other forms of wealth, she acquired 40,000 acres of land.

. . . Mrs. Schroeder has little or no acquaintance with the many thousands of ladies in our country who are not inept.

James William Clark

Bel Air

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