RICHARD GETTIER, a Manchester graphic designer and...

RICHARD GETTIER, a Manchester graphic designer and commercial artist, creates exhibits and display cases for the Manchester Historical Center on York Street.

Organization's comments: "He does a beautiful job of arranging and displaying and coming up with just the right touch at just the right spot," said Julia Berwager, a member of the committee that runs the Manchester Historical Center.


"He has always come forth with some really unique ideas," she said, citing the time he created a winter scene in a back room at the center as part of a Christmas show.

Starting with an old window frame of hers, she said, Mr. Gettier re-created a Victorian parlor. He created the illusion of a winter scene behind the empty window, and completed the room with old toys and an antique Christmas tree.


Volunteer's comments: "You name it, and I've designed it," said Mr. Gettier, who creates miniature dioramas and woodcarvings. He used to design display windows for Hutzler's department store in Baltimore, and also has done advertising work.

He said he became involved with the historical center after he was asked to make signs for it.

"I have always been interested in antique things," he said.

Volunteer's background: Mr. Gettier, 57, studied art at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore more than 30 years ago. His wife, Phyllis, an illustrator who also volunteers with the Manchester Historical Center, also studied at the institute.

"I had quite a crush on her," Mr. Gettier said. After graduation the two went separate ways, only to be reunited a few years ago when she approached Mr. Gettier in search of a commission.

"Sparks started to fly immediately," he said. They have been married for five years.

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