From The Sun Oct. 10-16, 1843Oct. 11:...


From The Sun Oct. 10-16, 1843

Oct. 11: We understand that the Baltimore Shot Tower was sold a few days since to a New York company for the sum of $9,000.

Oct. 13: Two young ladies, daughters of a highly respectable citizen of Fell's Point, were returning home along Fell Street Wednesday evening, and were near Thames Street when, we learn, they were accosted and grossly insulted by a well dressed young man.

From The Sun Oct. 10-16, 1893

Oct. 11: The Harford Fair, which opened today, was a more diversified exhibit and of greater excellence in farm products than any fair ever before held in the county.

Oct. 16: Mr. John L. Thomas, ex-Congressman, ex-collector of the port, genial wit and after dinner speaker, died yesterday at noon at his residence, 1316 Linden Avenue, from heart failure.

From The Sun Oct. 10-16, 1943

Oct. 10: Baltimore's streets and traffic last night resembled palmiest pre-war days. Crowds were everywhere and long lines of trolleys and automobiles choked downtown thoroughfares.

Oct. 11: If the supply of new plays holds out, this will be the most memorable theatrical season in many years, in point of quantity, anyway. Tonight, for instance there will be two premieres of plays which demand attention by virtue of the names connected with them, one at Ford's, the other at the Maryland.

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