Root CausesJames Pinkerton's Sept. 29 Opinion *...

Root Causes

James Pinkerton's Sept. 29 Opinion * Commentary article, "The Sexual Industrial Complex," relies upon a glaring oversimplification of teen-age pregnancy to support his claims.


Teen-age pregnancy is reduced to a dissolution of family values. This flimsy rationalization ignores institutionalized racism, the dynamic nature of the economy, structural inequalities and trends of residential segregation leading to a situation hardly solved by the reinstitution of Mr. Pinkerton's family values.

Because I am not as eloquent as Victor Hugo, I will let his poetic words remind Mr. Pinkerton that "if a soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness."


ebecca Freeman


Unfair Report

While we are happy to greet and welcome our new neighbors in Johnston Square ("55 townhouses open in Baltimore," The Sun, Sept. 29) and grateful that the city has finally developed these parcels of land, several of us who live adjacent to the development take umbrage in having our entire neighborhood characterized as "blighted."

It is obvious that staff writer Melody Simmons either has little knowledge of the Johnston Square community, or she operates from preconceived notions about the inner city.

Yes, there are problems, eyesores, crime and other urban ills in our neighborhood, but these problems are now found everywhere.

Our neighborhood is one of a good mixture of people from all economic levels. In fact, there are several large and small homeowner developments (among them Ashland Park Mews) in Johnston Square that constitute a significant portion of the community.

There are other people who make less money, others who depend on public assistance, others who live in public housing. But all of us are committed to make our neighborhood a better place to live.


It is not a neighborhood "marked by trash-strewn lots and rundown, vacant rowhouses." Rather, it is one marked with a wide diversity of people that include civic leaders, religious leaders, doctors, lawyers, service employees, government employees, the retired and the unemployed.

We invite the writer and other members of The Sun staff to come visit the rest of Johnston Square.

Nathaniel McFadden

Rachel McFadden


Global Warming


I would like to call the attention of my fellow teachers to the fact that the article "Greenhouse Warming Theory Questioned" in The Sun Sept. 15 makes a wonderful exercise in critical thinking.

Careful reading of the article shows that all the questioners cited have vested interests and/or careers antithetical to environmental protection and make their points with emotionally loaded words. The "undisputable facts," computer studies, etc., are on the side of the warming theory, and leading researchers in the field of climatology "have consistently found merit in the global warming theory."

The only debate among experts is in "exactly how severe the effects of the warming will be and when it will come." The #F heading of the article might better be, "Questioners of Global Warming Theory Questionable."

Bernard J. Nebel


The writer is a professor of biology at Catonsville Community College.


Mikulski and Hunting on the Shore

Shame on you! Being neither a hunter nor a resident of !B Dorchester County, I still am outraged by your Sept. 29 editorial diatribe criticizing Sen. Barbara Mikulski's effort to insure fair treatment to her constituents in that county whose livelihoods depend upon regulated shooting areas.

The Sun's reckless aspersion that the senator is involved in this matter to protect Washington interest peddlers is a gross distortion of fact and an insult to the senator and the people she represents so well in Dorchester.

Your unfair criticism of Senator Mikulski smacks of the elitist, condescending attitude demonstrated by the anti-hunting crowd, whose goal is nothing less than to eradicate this key cultural and economic force in rural areas.

It's obvious that these elites have been cooing in your ear, and you've bought into their program without fairly evaluating the other side.

Particularly objectionable is The Sun's snide shot at Maryland's greatest public servant, who has dedicated her entire adult life to improving the welfare of our state's citizens.


As a state, we are enormously fortunate to have Senator Mikulski fighting day after day for Maryland's jobs and Maryland's interest yes, even those of little Dorchester County that The Sun %J obviously does not value as much as she does . . .

With The Sun's evident willingness to cede Dorchester County's economic interest to non-Marylanders, thank God for Barbara Mikulski's reasonable effort to insure a full study to determine whether there is really a problem with the regulated shooting areas before the Fish and Wildlife Services bureaucrats rush to judgment . . .

Wouldn't she be expected to do the same for Maryland's steel, aerospace or commercial fishing industry? You bet. And wouldn't The Sun seek the same help if its operations and financial interests and employees were threatened? . .

George D. Baker




The editorial attack on Sen. Barbara Mikulski, for supporting Regulated Shooting Areas (RSA) on the Eastern Shore, is unfounded.

Dorchester County RSA owners release 140,000 mallards a year, and they are not hand-fed but live off crops planted to provide feed for these released ducks and hundreds of thousands of wild ducks and geese.

Several years ago, 29,000 ducks were harvested in DorchesterCounty. Only 10 percent of these (2,900) were wild ducks. This means there was a net infusion of 111,000 ducks into Dorchester County. Of these, approximately 20 percent (22,000) survived the winter and became a stable population.

Obviously, those that survived had undergone Darwinian natural selection. They were not diseased, and were capable of migrating, breeding and providing pleasure for the many visitors at the Blackwater Game Refuge.

Is not the release of RSA ducks analogous to the release of the Department of Natural Resources' pen-raised ducks and wild turkeys, or striped bass? Are there any complaints about these programs?

Nelson Hendler