4-H Husbandry Is HarmlessIt's that time of...


4-H Husbandry Is Harmless

It's that time of year again, when all those liberal, bleeding-heart, urban alarmists go over the edge . . . I am speaking of the Sept. 26 letter by Martha Gagnon on the "less civilized" 4-H'ers that raise animals for food.

Ms. Gagnon had problems with children openly weeping as their animals were being sold at the county fair. Gee, heaven forbid we should have children in this world that care and love rather than have all those wonderful children that kill other innocent children on the streets with guns and drugs and don't shed one tear over their actions.

Yes, it is a fact of life that people eat meat, and rather than attacking the hard-working, caring 4-H children, maybe we should stop all the people in the world from eating meat. . . . It is raining very hard today but I am sure Ms. Gagnon . . . is not standing out in the middle of some field because she is so insensitive as to kill a living tree simply so she could stay out of the rain. . . .

Robert J. Rynarzewski


Disabled Access

I am handicapped and I have to use a wheelchair to get around. I have been trying for years to locate a bus line that is equipped with a wheelchair lift. You cannot imagine what it is like to want to go places, but can't. . . .

Well, I finally found one -- Eyre Bus Lines in Columbia -- and I believe they are the only ones. I would appreciate letting others know this. I think this is terrific for people like myself.

Richard Sands


Girl On The Gridiron, Cont.

I was very interested in the Sept. 9 article about the 16-year-old girl, Angela Wise, who tried out for the football team at Howard High School. When I first started reading the article, I thought how unfair the coach was being. After finishing the article, I changed my mind. I think that coach John Quinn was just trying to protect Angela and was not being sexist or unfair. Coach Quinn cut Angela because she lacked the physical makeup and because she had no junior varsity football experience.

Furthermore, Angela didn't even have the required 2.0 grade-point average last quarter. . . . Also, Coach Quinn said she failed to participate in some drills and that she couldn't keep up during others.

The coach said he was mindful of a 1989 Carroll County incident where a female football player injured her pancreas and spleen falling during a scrimmage. She sued the school system saying that they didn't warn her about the dangers of football. I agree with the judge who threw out the $1.5 million lawsuit. . . . The coach said that he would allow Angela to try out for the team next year if she "shows me that she can lift weights like any of the guys are doing and if she shows me a reasonable 40-yard speed." Angela isn't going to wait until next year to try out for a contact sport. She plans to try out for the wrestling team this winter.

In spite of what I have said, I must say that I admire Angela and wish her the best of luck.

indsay Buchman



Once again, the Sunpapers editorial staff . . . has managed to regurgitate more revolting nonsense! Your moronic feminist cheerleading in a "Girl on the Gridiron" (Sept. 22) is vintage left-wing Sunpapers' babbling.

When this girl doesn't make the team, we can be assured of upcoming lawsuits claiming discrimination, harassment, etc. If they let her go through the motions, we will still get the lawsuits from the certain injuries or belated ones since it will take time for football injuries to manifest themselves. . . .

Breasts were not made for severe blows. A female's reproductive plumbing, being internal, more complex and more subject to injury than a male's, was not built for heavy impact. I won't even go into the lack of strength or speed. . . .

Many a good man on the police force or in the military has had his life put in jeopardy because he has to worry about the enemy and also protecting a 110-pound powder puff "equal" in a tight situation. . . .

Only the media clings to the idiotic notion that guns, violence on television or any other lame excuse is the problem with society. The attacks on marriage, the family, religious institutions and individual responsibility, thanks to feminists . . . and other irresponsible liberals are the overwhelming causes for the decline we see today in our nation.

Thomas Silhan


Who Needs Another Store?

Last fall, the Howard County Council voted unanimously to reject Wal-Mart's request for rezoning of property at Md. 29 and 40. This year, the same council voted unanimously to change the comprehensive zoning of 18 acres to allow Sam's Club, a subsidiary of Wal-Mart.

This most dangerous mile in the state of Maryland . . . needs another store to buy five gallons of peanut butter to save 15 cents? What persuaded the officials to change their minds?

Georgia L. Miller

Ellicott City


. . . Many of those who testified in opposition to Wal-Mart/Sam's Club in the piecemeal rezoning case felt that they had fought their fight and won the battle. Now, unknown to some of these testifiers, a hearing was held and a vote was taken in comprehensive re-zoning that reverses part of the case. . . .

At the root of their frustration is the different forms of public notification required for piecemeal and comprehensive cases. . . . People have a right to know what is going on in their communities. . . .

George L. Layman

Ellicott City

The writer is a candidate for the Howard County Council.

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