Severna Park rolls, 3-0 Field hockey


A strange thing happened to Chesapeake's field hockey team on its way to a spotless season.

It ran into Severna Park.

Both teams entered their game yesterday at Severna Park's Roberts Field with 6-0 records. Neither had surrendered so much as one goal.

Severna Park, No. 1 in The Baltimore Sun's poll, had scored 19 goals. No. 9 Chesapeake had scored 16. Clearly, something had to give.

Chesapeake's visions of another shutout ended with 16:40 left in the first half when the Falcons' Tressa Campbell solved goalie Holly Colajezzi. Sara Noble knocked in two second-half goals and Severna Park rolled to a 3-0 victory.

"Colleen hit it through a defensive stick and I got it," Campbell said, referring to teammate Colleen Gately. "I dribbled once, took the shot and it went in."

Campbell's sixth goal of the season put the senior right wing in a tie with Gately for the team lead. Noble had only one goal in the first six games.

Afterward, Chesapeake coach Jerry Raab uttered nothing but superlatives in talking about Severna Park.

"That's a college-caliber team," Raab said. "They're faster than we are, quicker to the ball. Their reaction time is faster. Lil [Shelton] has a superb team."

In 17 years of coaching against Shelton, Raab has yet to win. That makes it 0-16 in regular-season meetings, plus "a few losses" in the playoffs that still make her wince.

"We're always competitive, though," Raab said. "We've had overtime games, 1-0 losses, games lost in the final seconds. Seventy-five percent of our games have been close.

"It's frustrating. I came here thinking that if any of my teams could do it, this one could. If I can just get the girls to believe they can beat Severna Park."

While Shelton considers the Falcons' shutout streak "no big deal," the fact they are unbeaten is big.

"Year after year, everybody expects us to win," Shelton said. "That puts a lot of pressure on the girls."

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