"A MAN who chooses to hold public...

"A MAN who chooses to hold public life must learn to accept slander as part of the job and to trust that the majority of people will judge him by his accomplishments in the public service. A man's family also has to learn to accept it."

-- Eleanor Roosevelt in her Autobiography.


* * *

RUSH LIMBAUGH is moving from WCBM to WBAL.


He is, as everybody knows, the most popular talker on radio. Right?


Paul Harvey is. He is on 1,300 stations and has an audience of 23 million, according to The American Enterprise, citing figures from ABC Radio Network. Rush Limbaugh is on 610 stations and has an audience of 18-20 million, the magazine says, citing EFM Media.

Is Mr. Limbaugh popular because of his views?

Not according to a study for U.S. News & World Report.

Its pollsters found that 2 percent say they listen to him because, "I trust him more than anyone else"; 10 percent said, "he better represents my views"; 10 percent said, "he gives better information on the issues"; 28 percent said, "he is fun and entertaining."

Listeners are closely divided on siding with or opposing Mr. Limbaugh: 31 percent agree with his views and 29 percent disagree.