"Sad as this day is, there's a lot more hope in a lot of cities today. Teams who thought they had to go through Michael Jordan don't have to anymore."

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic GM

"I think he's a bit tired of being under the microscope, so to speak. I think he just wants to take a little time off and just be a regular person and enjoy his family."

Magic Johnson, ex-L.A. Laker

"It's just a sad thing. It definitely caught me by shock. Michael Jordan is the only person in this entire world that I've ever met who is as competitive as I am. That's why I'll miss playing $H against him."

Charles Barkley, Phoenix Suns

"It's a loss personally because we've had some great battles. I always looked to him because he was so much better than everybody. You always used him to fuel your fire. Now that he's going to be gone, you have to refocus your energies elsewhere."

Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers

"Magic and Larry Bird have retired. Now Michael Jordan. He leaves some pretty big shoes to fill, but there always seems to be someone who comes along in this league. The NBA moves on."

Dan Majerle, Phoenix Suns

"The first word that comes to mind is shock. I know he's been through a lot emotionally this summer. I am disappointed for him as an individual to cut his career short. It is also disappointing as a member of the NBA because Michael has brought so much to the game. It's pretty much the same feeling you had when Magic and Bird retired. These guys are in a class of their own."

Bob Weiss, L.A. Clippers coach

"A great period in basketball history has ended with Michael's retirement. What a tremendous nine-year run he's had in the NBA. I personally think it's a good decision based on all he must go through and to certainly go out on top after three world championships. He seems comfortable with his decision and that's extremely important."

Dean Smith, N. Carolina coach

"They said football would never be the same when Jim Brown retired in his prime. It goes on. I mean, I can guarantee you . . . in five years people will be saying, 'Michael who?' "

Kevin McHale, ex-Boston Celtic

"Basketball without Jordan is like ballet without Maya Plisetskaya."

Romanian television


"Say it ain't so Mike."

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