Probe into Carter's action finished Schools head on paid leave

An investigation into how Anne Arundel County's school superintendent handled child abuse complaints has finished, and he has until the end of the week to ask the school board for a hearing to answer the report's findings.

The contents of the report, delivered to the school board yesterday, remain secret. Board of Education President Thomas Twombly refused to discuss when or if the contents might become public.


The school board met for more than five hours Oct. 24, speaking for a time to William W. Cahill Jr., C. Berry Carter II's lawyer, but made no comment when they left that meeting. "We agreed at the Friday night meeting to Mr. Cahill's request for his client to have more time to respond," Mr. Twombly said.

The last time the school board met with Mr. Carter was July 31, when he was placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.


The probe into whether Mr. Carter failed to act on complaints of child abuse during his tenure as deputy superintendent is part of an overall investigation into how the school system handled such matters.

State school Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick ordered the county school board to investigate further after a trio of state administrators cited Mr. Carter's lack of action at a time when disciplining teachers was part of his duties as deputy superintendent.

Specifically, the state investigators said Mr. Carter knew in 1989 that former Northeast High School teacher Ronald Walter Price had been accused in 1989 of having sexual relationships with students. Investigators said Mr. Carter failed to report it to the county's Department of Social Services, as required by law.

Mr. Carter became superintendent a year ago.

Price was arrested in April when a 16-year-old student at Northeast confided in a guidance counselor. He was convicted last month of sexually abusing the 16-year-old and two other young women while they were students under his supervision.

Mr. Carter and his lawyer have declined to comment on the investigation or Mr. Carter's role.