Prosecutor Anders is told he must avoid drinking He was cleared of driving drunk


Anne Arundel County State's Attorney Frank R. Weathersbee said yesterday that one of his two top deputies, who was acquitted of drunken driving charges Tuesday, has admitted a problem with alcohol and will remain in office only if he abstains from drinking.

"Now that all legal proceedings regarding my deputy, Gerald K. Anders, are complete, I want to let the people of Anne Arundel County know that I do not take the incident lightly," Mr. Weathersbee said in a statement.

Mr. Anders was convicted of failure to yield the right of way and fined $50 plus $15 court costs in Annapolis District Court in connection with a July 27 car accident on Rowe Boulevard in Annapolis.

John R. Greiber Jr., an Annapolis lawyer who will be challenging Mr. Weathersbee in the 1994 election, said Mr. Anders' refusal to take a Breathalyzer test after the accident should have been reason enough for Mr. Weathersbee to ask him to resign.

"Mr. Anders has acknowledged his problem and dedicated himself" to staying alcohol-free, Mr. Weathersbee said. "I will monitor that effort closely, because this job is one that requires the trust and confidence of the public.

"I have stated to Mr. Anders and state here publicly that his continued employment as deputy state's attorney in this office, despite his 20 years of dedicated service, depends on his ability to stay alcohol free," Mr. Weathersbee said.

Neither Mr. Anders nor Mr. Greiber could be reached for comment.

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