Rouse announces new vice presidentsThe Rouse Co....

Rouse announces new vice presidents

The Rouse Co. has announced the election of eight new senior vice presidents and four new vice presidents.


The company's new senior vice presidents are Jeffrey H. Donahue, chief financial officer; Duke S. Kassolis, director of office and mixed-use operations; Paul I. Latta Jr., director of retail operations; Robert Minutoli, director of acquisitions; Robert D. Riedy, director of retail leasing; Alton J. Scavo, director of community development and general manager of Columbia; Jerome D. Smalley, director of commercial and office development and George L. Yungmann, controller.

The four new vice presidents are Jody L. Clark, group director of office and mixed-use operations; Patricia H. Dayton, treasurer; David R. Schwiesow, associate general counsel and Karen L. Weir, director of specialty retailing.


Janet Simmons joins interior design staff

Janet Simmons of Laurel has joined Highland Junction Interiors' design staff.

Mrs. Simmons previously worked as a designer specializing in custom furniture for New York Life Style in Rockville.

Carole LeVine joins marketing group

Carole LeVine has joined The New Home Marketing Group as a marketing manager and will represent Mid-Atlantic Homes, a client of the group.

She was formerly the general sales manager for the Richmarr Construction Corp. in Washington.