MARYLAND can boast of many notable events...

MARYLAND can boast of many notable events in American history. But some of its more interesting contributions to American life were accomplished by its entrepreneurs, inventors and scientists. The Greater Baltimore Committee listed some of these milestones in its recent newsletter:

1776: The first printed copies of the Declaration of Independence were made in Baltimore by Mary Katherine Goddard, editor of the city's first newspaper.


1783: The first floating mechanical dredging machine in the world was invented in Baltimore by Andrew and John Ellicott and named "The Baltimore Mud Machine."

1784: The first sugar refinery in the U.S. opened in Baltimore.


1784: The first manned balloon flight in the U.S. was piloted by Peter Carnes on June 24 in Baltimore near Mt. Vernon Place.

1796: The first inoculation against smallpox in the U.S. was performed by Dr. Henry Stevenson in Baltimore.

1802: The nation's first vaccination hospital opened in Baltimore.

1810: The first metallic writing pens were manufactured in Baltimore.

1815: The oldest continuously operating silversmiths in the U.S. opened on Baltimore Street under Samuel Kirk, forerunner of the Stieff-Kirk foundry.

1817: The first gaslight company in America was incorporated in Baltimore, one of the forebears of today's BG&E.;

1827: The first railroad incorporated in the U.S. was the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Baltimore.

1829: The first umbrella factory in the U.S. opened in Baltimore.


1829: The first stone arch railroad bridge in the world, the Carrolton Viaduct of the B&O; Railroad, opened.

1830: The first steam-powered railroad in America began operation from Baltimore.