3 Centennial starters face suspension


Three starting members of Centennial High School's boys soccer team missed yesterday's 2-1, double-overtime loss to Walt Whitman because of an allegation that they were in possession of alcohol on school grounds.

The alleged infraction of Howard County Department of Education rules occurred Saturday during a homecoming dance. A quantity of unopened alcohol was found in an automobile traced to Kris Dramby, a junior midfielder for Centennial, sources said. Junior sweeper Doug Ulman and junior goalkeeper Brock Yetso had ridden to the dance with Dramby, according to sources.

Violation of the county rule carries a mandatory suspension from school for five to 30 days, and a suspension from all extracurricular activities for the remainder of that grading period and all of the next grading period. The current grading period ends in November.

Ulman's mother, Diane, issued a statement that said: "No drinking by the members of this group was taking place on school property. None of the people involved were under the influence of alcohol and that can be confirmed by school administrators. There is an allegation they were in possession of a small number of beer cans in a sealed box."

The Dramby and Yetso families could not be reached for comment.

Centennial soccer coach Bill Stara said: "All I'm allowed to say is that they are being disciplined by the administration for breaking a school rule."

Centennial principal Edgar Markley also declined to comment on specific facts in the case.

"We have school policies on smoking," Markley said. "We have school policies on academic eligibility. And we have school policies on drugs and alcohol. Whenever we have an enforcement of one of these school policies it is always difficult on the families involved and on school people -- administrators and coaches. It's very painful for everyone. It is not pleasant, happy times."

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