Untrained dogs can be danger, not protection


Fueled by reports of increasing crime and violence, there has been a surge in the popularity of large, reputedly aggressive, canine breeds, for purposes of protection.

An improperly schooled protection dog, however, can be a danger to both the owner and others.

These admonitions are contained in "The Home and Family Protection Dog: Selection and Training" by Karen and George Duet ($25, Howell/Macmillan, 866 3d Ave., New York 10022).

The authors operate a number of facilities in California and are accredited as Personal Protection Specialists by the Executive Protection Institute of Berryville, Va.

Their comprehensive book includes detailed advice on selecting and raising a puppy and problem-solving that applies to all dogs.

In addition to providing security for their owners at home, the Duets say a well-trained protection dogs can be taken on shopping trips or while its owner uses bank teller machines. In this case, they say, the dog should be kept in the car, and the owner should carry an automatic, remote door opener to release the animal from the auto in the event of an assault.

The book is lucidly written, easy to understand and crammed with information.

A glossary and bibliography are included.

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