Sept. 21 President Boris Yeltsin announces he is disbanding parliament and calls elections for December. Lawmakers vote to impeach Yeltsin and appoint Vice President Alexander Rutskoi as president.

Sept. 22 Military, police stick with Yeltsin. Crowds cheer the president.

Sept. 23 Gunmen try to storm military command post.

Sept. 24 Yeltsin orders parliament's defenders disarmed.

Sept. 25 Yeltsin says he won't use violence to end the standoff.

Sept. 28 Hard-line protesters clash with riot police.

Sept. 29 Yeltsin gives lawmakers until Monday to leave parliament or face "serious consequences."

Sept. 30 Both sides agree to talks mediated by the Orthodox Church.

Oct. 1 Lawmakers reject a proposal to surrender their arms in return for having the blockade on parliament lifted.

Oct. 2 Hundreds of stone-throwing hard-liners battle police and set up burning barricades. Demonstrators dispersed and barricades broken up.


12:30 p.m. Several dozen hard-line supporters of parliament attempt to rebuild barricades on the Garden Ring Road, but are dispersed.

2 p.m. About 10,000 parliament supporters gather at October Square. Riot police try to block the demonstration, but are overwhelmed.

2:30 p.m. Demonstators move toward Parliament, punch through police lines and pelt officers with rocks and bottles.

4 p.m. Demonstrators reach parliament and volleys of gunfire erupt. Much of the firing is in the air. Volunteer parliament guards storm the nearby city government building, spraying it with bullets.

6 p.m. At the urging of Speaker Ruslan Khasbulatov, thousands of parliament supporters gather at the main television complex and attempted to storm the building.

6:30 p.m. Yeltsin declares a state of emergency in Moscow.

8 p.m. Three television channels go off the air after demonstrators start a fierce gunbattle. Dozens of protesters storm the building, but are repulsed. Government forces at the TV center reinforced by troops and one channel returns.


12:30 a.m. Army column of at least 40 armored vehicles pours into central Moscow in support of Yeltsin.

3 a.m. Thousands of Yeltsin supporters gather outside Moscow's City Hall and erect barricades near Red Square and the Kremlin. Government forces continue to battle anti-Yeltsin forces at TV complex, but hold the building.

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