The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said Bosnian Serbs have launched a campaign against Muslims and Croats in the BANJA LUKA region, including rape, torture and beatings, apparently aimed at driving them out and completing the ethnic cleansing of the area.

U.N. military observers said Croat troops forced 374 old people, women and children to walk across front lines Friday to the Muslim enclave of MOSTAR. "It is reported that HVO (Bosnian Croat) troops fired at them as they left the HVO lines and two were killed," a U.N. spokesman said.

Prospects for rescuing a peace plan for Bosnia dimmed as Serbs and Croats threatened to withdraw concessions previously offered to the besieged Muslim-led government after it rejected accepting the plan as-is. Radio reports indicated an escalation of fighting in Bosnia.

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