Complaints halt Minoso comeback


CHICAGO -- Minnie Minoso wanted to try it one more time. But many of the current members of the Chicago White Sox, who weren't born when Minoso was winning fans and ballgames on the South Side, thought his time was past.

And that's why Minoso's bid to be the first player to appear in a major-league game in six decades was foiled -- again. The White Sox had announced before the game that the 70-year-old Minoso (he's 67 by his own reckoning) would play left field for one inning and then lead off tonight against the Seattle Mariners.

"This is not a clown thing," Minoso said. "I love the game. I never dreamed it could happen again."

But before the game was over general manager Ron Schueler had reversed the decision. "Several players have voiced their displeasure over the signing of Minnie Minoso," he said. "The team has other things to focus on that are far more important. After talking with Minnie, we have decided he will not play."

"Just the fact you're asking me about it instead of asking me about the playoffs tells you it's not right," pitcher Jack McDowell said when asked about the players' feelings.

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