2 students cited by fire marshal for efforts at fire


Two Francis Scott Key High School students were to be given the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Good Citizen Award and a Certificate of Appreciation before several hundred students during an assembly at the school today.

Sandra Reppe and Chris Bond are being recognized for their efforts in assisting a fire victim while on their way to school Jan. 24.

According to Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Bob Thomas, who was to make the presentations, the students were in the 2100 block of Uniontown Road when they saw a motor home on fire.

They stopped and saw Frank Cave, the owner of the motor home, attempting to fight the fire with a small garden hose.

While Chris Bond ran to a neighbor's house to notify the fire department, Sandra Reppe attempted to calm Mr. Cave and treat a burn injury to his arm.

Mr. Cave told officers of the fire marshal's office that he was not thinking very clearly under the stress of seeing his motor home burning, and he tried to re-enter the vehicle several times to retrieve possessions but was held back by the students.

Mr. Thomas said the students may have saved Mr. Cave's life by preventing him from going back inside the motor home, where he might have become trapped.

George Phillips, principal of Francis Scott Key, said, "I commend the two students for their actions in assisting Mr. Cave. This is an outstanding example of the commitment that the students of FSK have to their community."

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