'Full House' twins double exposure


Some 7-year-olds are never satisfied.

Take Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

It's not enough that these pint-sized stars have their own TV show ("Full House"), their own fan club (Mary-Kate & Ashley's Fun Club) and three TV Guide covers to their credit.

Now they're trying to give Raffi, Barney and Big Bird a run for their money with a video, "Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Our First Video," and a second album, "I Am the Cute One," both due out today.

The actresses who share the role of sassy Michelle Tanner on "Full House" can be seen jumping rope, rapping and even dancing with a Bill Clinton look-alike.

To some fans, that sounds like heaven.

"I watch the show every time it comes on," says Erin Wurzburger, 10, of Pikesville, who plans to add the video and album to her Christmas list. "I always tell my mom, 'I'm going to watch 'Full House.' Don't disturb me.' "

While Molly Frew is also an admirer, she wouldn't mind tinkering with Michelle's character if she had the chance.

"Sometimes she's rude, and sometimes her language isn't right," says Molly, 8, of Homeland. "I would like to make her nicer."

The fraternal twins (Ashley is right-handed and has a freckle above her lip) already have a marketing empire in the making with a book and tape series, a TV movie scheduled to air next month and a promise from ABC to develop a future series.

But just exactly how much of Mary-Kate and Ashley is the world ready for?

"The pivotal factor is how much the girls don't do," says their lawyer, Robert Thorne. "They turn down Saturday morning cartoons, signature clothing deals and appearances at malls across the country."

The easiest offer to reject?

A recent proposal to duplicate the girls' kewpie-doll likeness on holiday bubble wrap.

Says Mr. Thorne, "It wasn't even wrapping paper."

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