Skipping Davis Cup match likely to earn Agassi a fine TENNIS


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Fans won't get a refund, but Andre Agassi will probably pay for his decision to skip yesterday's Davis Cup match.

Ken Farrer, referee for the U.S.-Bahamas Davis Cup qualifying bTC match, will recommend that Agassi be fined for backing out without a legitimate reason, a violation of Davis Cup rules.

Agassi refused to play yesterday after learning that opponent John Knowles would be replaced by John Farrington, a Bahamian tennis club director who isn't ranked.

Knowles had retired from a match Friday with cramps. Tests conducted Saturday night showed severe electrolyte loss and recurring cramping.

Agassi had given fans their money's worth Friday, routing the Bahamas' Roger Smith, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, to give the United States the first point in the five-match series. On Saturday, Agassi cheered teammates Richey Reneberg and Patrick McEnroe as they clinched the series, 3-0, with a doubles win.

Davis Cup rules require teams to play all five matches, even if the outcome is already clear. Agassi and others have criticized the rule.

The United States won, 5-0.

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