Take this job and . . .


Lottery officials provided these sketches of post-lotto-winning lives.

* David K. Moreland, an engineer who in August 1991 became the largest single winner of Maryland's Lotto (more than $21 million), worked several months, finally saying someone else could get more use financially from the job.

* David and Mary Hasty, great-grandparents, won $2 million in the Aug. 31, 1991, drawing. Mrs. Hasty, a cashier and waitress at Kernan Hospital in Baltimore, quit immediately. Mr. Hasty, a painter at a state facility, is still working.

* James Metcalfe, who worked for a maintenance company in Prince George's County, won $3 million in 1992 and just recently quit his job.

* Sharon Turner, a secretary with the state, was a $7 million winner in 1991. She quit right away but her husband, a teacher, stayed at his job for another year.

* Deloise Singletary, Maryland's first Lotto millionaire in January 1984, won $5.5 million. She continued working as a nurse's aide for a few months but finally quit at the urging of her children.

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