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Rubble landfill wins ruling from county appeals board

The owner of a sand and gravel operation near Crofton can operate a rubble landfill on the 184-acre site, the county Board of Appeals has ruled.

But the board attached several conditions, including a requirement that the owners of Cunningham Sand and Gravel erect a 30-foot high fence around the property, which is near Routes 3 and 424.

The board also is requiring that the company build a berm to protect residents in the nearby Four Seasons development.

Owners Jim and Gloria Cunningham had won the right to build the rubble fill last year in a ruling issued by an administrative hearing officer, who also restricted the sand and gravel operation.

The Gambrills Improvement Association challenged the hearing officer's decision, arguing that a rubble landfill should not be approved because of potential ground-water contamination and an increase in dirt, dust and noise.

Mrs. Cunningham said yesterday that she was pleased with the board's decision, made Tuesday night.

She said the administrative hearing officer had only objected to the sand and gravel operation on a small part of the land, and company officials decided to adhere to that ruling.

$2,000 in tools stolen off truck

Someone stole $2,000 worth of tools from a truck parked at its owner's home in Jessup Monday night or Tuesday morning, police said.

The owner, James Paul Downey, 54, said he was about to leave for work Tuesday morning when he discovered that hand and power tools were missing from the truck, which was parked in his driveway in the 2000 block of Orchard Ave.

At least 20 items were taken, including wrenches, torches, hammers, drills and a Panasonic cellular phone.

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