Expanded plan for recycling baffles citizens ANNAPOLIS/SOUTH COUNTY -- Davidsonville * Edgewater * Shady Side * Deale

The city has recently expanded its trash recycling program -- a move that also has expanded confusion and complaints from city residents.

Three weeks ago the city shifted from an in-house to a contractual service. It includes a switch from twice-a-month pickups to weekly collections.


And the recycling program, which started two years ago with bottles, cans and some yard waste, now has new collectibles: plastics (such as milk jugs and soda bottles) and newspapers.

Mayoral and aldermanic candidates making their door-to-door swing say they are hearing numerous complaints from residents, who are baffled by the changes and say they have not received the city booklet explaining the recycling requirements or the pickup schedule.


"Mass confusion," said GOP mayoral candidate Larry Vincent.

"A lot of people didn't get the [recycling] program," said another GOP mayoral challenger, Michael Fox.

Frank Biba with the city Public Works Department acknowledged that when the booklets were distributed for the Aug. 30 recycling expansion, hundreds of residents were missed. City officials are continually mailing out booklets to those who call 263-7949.

"It's pretty in-depth," said Mr. Biba, adding that even those who received it may be initially confused.

One specific point of confusion is the use of plastic bags for lawn clippings. Although the booklet says the city will no longer accept plastic bags, Mr. Biba said the city is allowing such bags during the leaf season, since the preferred 30-gallon biodegradable paper bags are not available in local stores.

Open containers and cardboard boxes can also be used for lawn clippings and leaves.