From The Sun Sept. 19-25, 1843Sept. 22:...

From The Sun Sept. 19-25, 1843

Sept. 22: Frequent complaints have recently been made at the police office, of gunners firing at bull-bats in the neighborhood of Belvidere Bridge, whereby horses have been frightened, carriages broke, and the lives of citizens have been put in peril.


Sept. 25: A dry good man complains of the street sweepers in using their brooms without sprinkling. The store become filled with dust much to the detriment of goods.

From The Sun Sept. 19-25, 1893


Sept. 20: Railroads and steamboats running to southern territory are doing a largely increased business now. Shipments of factory and mill products, which fell off greatly during the financial depression, are steadily increasing.

Sept. 22: A tea was given Wednesday afternoon and evening on the grounds of the Towson Tennis Club. Tea, sandwiches and other refreshments were served. Misses Isabel Boarman and

Sallie Fisher had charge of the entertainment.

From The Sun Sept. 19-25, 1943

Sept. 21: Oscar Levant, composer and author of "Information Please" fame, does not agree with those who say the present war has produced no good songs. Mr. Levant and others of "Information Please," arrived at the Hotel Belvedere yesterday afternoon to broadcast their weekly program from the stage of the Lyric.

Sept. 24: War plants in the Baltimore area are employing 61,734 women and stand in immediate need of 7,000 additional female workers, it was disclosed yesterday by the War Manpower Commission.