Just Whose Kids Are These, Anyway?The information...


Just Whose Kids Are These, Anyway?

The information which has been given out about education by the Carroll County Citizens for Quality Education (CCCQE) has been accurate, whether Gary Dunkleberger, the director of curriculum and staff development for the county's public schools, wants to admit it or not.

A phone call to the state Board of Education will verify why all outcomes look alike. The answer is they came from a governor's meeting in 1989 where the outcomes were drafted and agreed upon. Next, pseudo-summits were organized statewide in nTC counties so we would all believe we came up with our own outcomes. . . . CCCQE and myself have been attacked because we say that Outcomes-Based Education will be "wasting time on self-esteem teaching and social problems to the detriment of academics." (The Sun, Aug. 29)

Smell the coffee, folks. That's already happening and the biggest problem with OBE is it's just more of the same token nonsense. Go ask your principal to review the personal safety curriculum or the health and sex education curriculum. . . . Almost any curriculum you review will have instances where it is suggested teachers use "relaxation techniques," "guided imagery" or "role-playing techniques." All of these are techniques once reserved for therapists, but now widely and often used on your children by zealous teachers fresh from university or seminar. . . .

After working on the essential curriculum committee, I saw clearly that most teachers want to teach academics. The teachers try hard to keep the schools teaching "real" basics, but everything still rests on those Exit Outcomes, which are vague, subjective and behavior-oriented. In fact, when we were progressing in committee, we questioned, "Now that we have real academia written, wouldn't it be possible to strip away the Exit Outcomes?"

We were told that was not possible. I believe that is because . . . the edu-cratic hierarchy knows this kind of experiment is going to be the new state mandate. . . . Pretty soon, the year-round schools that are being suggested will be necessary so students can complete all the mandates. Whose kids are these?

Any information I have passed on has been accurate, but do not take my word for it. Go ask your principal for the curriculum binders to review for yourself. I really would like Carroll County to stop following every state mandate precisely.

Maybe we could afford to separate from the state's educational mandates if the school board is audited to see where all the money really goes. How much does the "self-esteem" class cost or the cost of the VCR tape made to indoctrinate families to accept Exit Outcomes-Based Education? More goes for bureaucratic overhead than to your teachers and children.

Fight a little. These children are ours, not the state's. There are things brewing at all levels of government to try and make your children "wards of the state." Please review the new United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Fight this a lot! . . . Come on, Carroll County, wake up. The traditions of our republic are being totally lost with these kinds of experiments.

Laura E. Albers


Anti-Bartlett Bias?

In the interest of journalistic objectivity, I do hope in the future your campaign reporting on other congressmen and senators is the same as your reporting on Roscoe G. Bartlett. (Sept. 4)

Myself and other readers would be equally interested in how many campaign postcards are mailed, and how many staff members accompany Rep. Kweisi Mfume or Senators Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski as they campaign throughout the state. I would like to know how many of my tax dollars these other politicians spend on certain items in their campaigning.

I find the frequency and magnitude of your bias in political reporting unprofessional and angering, because you are doing the electorate a disservice by influencing their vote to coincide with your political beliefs.

In keeping with the true purpose of journalism, you should present the facts without conjecture, and treat all politicians in the same manner. Your editorial pages are the place for your opinions and bias, not the news section.

Mark D. Peterson



Why did The Sun for Carroll County fail to report the Aug. 18 meeting of the waste-to-energy committee, at which the speaker presented evidence and arguments that incinerators are an environmental and public health hazard? As far as I can recall, you have covered the other meetings of the waste-to-energy committee.

A. Stephen Boyan Jr.


The writer is a member of the Carroll County waste-to-energy committee.

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