25 Years Ago* More than 1,000 people...


25 Years Ago

* More than 1,000 people attended the dedication of the Stansbury-Kriel Memorial wing of the Carroll County General Hospital. Dr. Theo. Woodward, head of the Department of Medicine at the University of Maryland and a former native of Westminster, gave a brief history of the advancement of medicine during the past centuries. Following a concert by the Westminster Municipal Band, F. Kale Mathias, master of ceremonies, opened the dedication with the invocation by the Rev. Edwin G. Reter, pastor of the Howard Park M.C. and invocator for the original hospital seven years ago. Robert L. Lakin, president of J.B. Ferguson Co., handed over the keys to Charles O. Fisher, president. In accepting the keys, Mr. Fisher said: "This addition is a monument to the great generosity of Willella Stansbury Kriel. Yet, more than that, it is also a testimonial that our hospital has achieved acceptance." -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 12, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* Ravenswood Pride Eric, a 3-year-old Aberdeen Angus purebred bull which is rated by stock breeders as the best black Angus in the country, has been purchased for $25,000 by H. Hamilton Hackney, former chief magistrate of the juvenile court. The price for the prize bull is said to be the highest cash amount ever paid for an Aberdeen-Angus sire. Mr. Hackney said it would be used for breeding his herd of purebred Angus cows on the Cold Saturday Farm near Finksburg. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 10, 1943.

100 Years Ago

* A grand dancing picnic will be held in the grove of Josephus Orendorff, on the Bachman's Valley Road, three-fourths of a mile from the Littlestown Turnpike, on Saturday, today, Sept. 9. First-class music will be furnished and an enjoyable evening can be expected. The attendance of the public is cordially invited. -- American Sentinel, Sept. 9, 1893.

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