Dr. Solomon lashes out at 'phantom accusers' Reputation in ruin, statement says


Dr. Neil Solomon, battered by allegations he engaged in sexual impropriety with former patients, yesterday issued a sharply worded statement charging his "phantom accusers" are out to ruin his bid for governor and collect a multimillion-dollar jackpot in the process.

"In two months time, a 32-year reputation of practicing good medicine lies in ruin, all because of one unscrupulous attorney in pursuit of what is now a $140 million legal jackpot -- a figure that could soon approach the national debt," Dr. Solomon, 61, said in his first remarks since being accused of the improprieties by three unidentified female patients.

The remarks also came one day after a motion was filed in Baltimore Circuit Court that seeks to compel the high-profile Baltimore physician to undergo testing for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

"The implications here are as ludicrous and outrageous as the original claims and appear to coincide with my intent to run for governor," he said. "Just like any other responsible medical practitioner, I am routinely tested for AIDS. It is a medical fact I do not have this disease.

"I have been tried, convicted and hung in the media. And the real crime is, if this could happen to me, it could happen to anyone."

In a motion filed in Baltimore Circuit Court, three former patients who are suing the doctor for alleged sexual improprieties charge that Dr. Solomon has had unprotected sex with multiple partners over several years.

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