Catalog's clothes designed for wheelchair users


People confined to wheelchairs have special apparel needs, but they also want stylish clothes. Once it was no easy task for disabled people to find clothing or accessories that were easy to put on and fashionable. Many were forced to have their clothes custom-made.

That changed in 1985 with the arrival of Avenues Unlimited, a Camarillo, Calif., mail-order company with clothing and other items designed for function as well as style. The company's goal is to produce clothes that are easy for the disabled to use and that reflect current fashion trends.

Karen Leeds, a company spokeswoman, said its customers appreciated the extra fashion effort.

The catalog features stylish pants with elastic waists and deep pockets that are below the knee for easy access, skirts with a "seated shape" and at a longer length, pull-on blouses and shirts, shoes that fasten with hook and loop fasteners, support hose and track suits. You won't find sheer blouses and palazzo pants in the catalog, but there are bright-colored crew-neck T-shirts, hooded shirts and flared pants.

The catalog also has briefcases, tote bags and other items that are designed to fasten to wheelchairs. It even offers exercise equipment that can be easily used from a wheelchair.

The prices aren't exactly cheap: $18 for a T-shirt, $30 for shorts, $53 for jeans, and skirt sets for about $60. To order a catalog or for more information, call (800) 848-2837.

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