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Union Chapel addition preserves integrity of old structure WEST COUNTY * Clarksville * Highland * Glenelg * Lisbon


Have you noticed the new addition rising from Union Chapel?

Altering a building as old as this brings unique challenges. Trustees of Union Chapel wanted to guard the integrity of this place of worship while making the building more useful.

The addition includes a vestibule, storage rooms, a meeting room, an office and bathrooms. Windows will provide an open view and lots of sun to the new spaces. Workers will install a heating and cooling system to serve the new structure and the old one.

Members of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, who worship at Union Chapel, are excited about the addition. Their church school continues to meet at the Children's Center in Glenwood, but will move to the chapel when the addition is complete.

St. Andrew's Day is in November, so the Episcopal Bishop will make his annual trip to meet with the church Nov. 17. Vicar Harry Brunett will ask the bishop to bless the building for religious activities that day.

As the addition to Union Chapel grows, St. Andrew's grows. Small group ministries are an important part of its program. Home cell groups meet every two or three weeks, and the groups give members a richer involvement in the church. This year, St. Andrew's will increase its home cell groups from three to four. Besides meetings, the groups help the elderly, the homebound, the Therapeutic Riding Center and the Grassroots organization for the homeless.

St. Andrew's also is trying to reach out to the community in a new way. Picture this: You're lonely or blue. There is no one to talk to, no one to listen, no one to understand.

The church is offering a support group for those who miss someone or who are meeting some difficult challenges in life. The support group is an outreach program, designed to help you, not persuade you to join a church. It's for people of all ages who are alone or who feel alone.

If you're interested in this group for yourself or for someone else, call Harry Brunett at 442-4035.


Glenelg High School students and staff are off to an "excellent start" this school year, according to Principal Jim McGregor. Back to School Night was a big success Monday, with a record crowd of parents attending.

There are new students, new teachers, new secretaries and a new assistant principal at the school. Assistant Principal Addie Kaufman replaces Dr. Clarence Miller, who left the school to become an assistant professor of education at Johns Hopkins University.

Gearing up for the school year takes much unseen effort. Marcie Boteler, principal's secretary at Glenelg, sends thanks from the front office staff to parent volunteers Kathy Bradbury and Audrey Marick, students in the S.H.O.P. program, and the cheerleaders. They energetically supported the unseen effort in the office before school began.

The Student Government Association and the PTSA provided lunches for the faculty and staff the week before classes began. We hear the lunches were great.

As a parent, I really look forward to Back to School Night. My husband and I enjoyed meeting our son's teachers and visiting the classrooms. The schools in our area all have Back to School nights planned for this month.

Clarksville, Glenwood and Mount View Middle Schools invite parents to visit the schools at 7 p.m. Monday.

Bushy Park, Clarksville, Lisbon, and Pointers Run Elementary Schools open their doors to parents at 7 p.m. on Sept. 27.

West Friendship Elementary School will have two Back to School Nights this year. On Sept. 27, parents of first-, second- and third-graders will meet with the teachers. On Sept. 28, parents of kindergarten and grades four and five students are invited to attend. Both meetings are at 7 p.m.

Glenelg Country School holds its Back to School Night in the Gould Building at 7 p.m. Sept. 23.

At St. Louis Catholic School in Clarksville, Back to School Night is Sept. 21 at 7:30 p.m.


We have a dynamic Cub Scout program for elementary school boys in the Glenwood and Glenelg area. If you'd like to know more about it, attend the "Back to Scouting" night at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 23 at Bushy Park Elementary School.

L For more information, call Richard Caldwell at 410-531-6088.


The Rev. Orin W. Dooley Jr. will be the guest minister at Lisbon United Methodist Church this Sunday at the 11 a.m. service. Mr. Dooley, or Bill as he is known to many, was pastor of Lisbon United Methodist Church from 1962 until 1968. In June he retired from full-time ministry and now makes his home in Howard County.


The Department of Recreation and Parks distributes brochures through our local schools. Teachers give the brochures to the children to deliver to their parents. There are some great programs in the works this fall, and you won't want to miss them.

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